Diamond Graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces are manufactured in state of the art, ISO 9000 production facilities to maintain complete process quality control. Our electrodes are made using 100% premium needle coke and LG graphitization (longitudinal graphitization) to provide the best possible physical and mechanical properties. Machining is done using computer controlled CNC equipment to insure very tight tolerances. We can supply all diameters up to 700mm/28inches, and up to 140 inches in length. All styles of connecting pins and sockets are available per NEMA, IEC and JIS specifications. 

Size & Grade Selection

To properly select the right Diamond Graphite electrode for your application, always consider the following operating characteristics of your furnace:

Conversion Cost

  • Steel type and grade
  • Electrode consumption goal
  • Refractory consumption goal
  • Productivity goal
  • Electrode strength and oxidation

Furnace design

  • Scrap types/charging practice
  • Burner/oxygen usage
  • Water spray rings
  • Fume control system

Power Input Program

  • Meltdown/refine/tap-to-tap time
  • Power level
  • Slag practice